Unprecedented Times

The world breaks everyone and afterward some are strong at the broken places.“…Ernest Hemingway.

So here I am jobless,not in my wildest dreams did I ever think it could happen to me ,well as you know I was in a very safe job of healthcare.”People will always need me or so I thought.”I was laid off work due to the current situation we are in ,I should not mourn loosing the job as I am not the only one.Hundred’s of people everyday are laid off as our enemy has been an unknown microorganism .Yes the unseen enemy has made its entry by creating a havoc in our lives.So many lives are lost as the war is against an enemy no one can seen with naked eyes.You meet a person ,you may never see them again.The lives are lost every passing minute.

So should I even mourn my job?I don’t think so.

But I feel a break in my back just like the picture attached to this blog.

I feel I may not recover,the pain is intense and no words are there to express my loss….but mark it I am not mourning it yet as I know the world has larger wounds ….

So how can I pull myself together.Yet another hurdle to cross…life is all about hurdles so I say to my little heart get up and get moving.Like an athlete I have to train again my mind and body and I do want to believe I will be fine.

till then my friends.. arrivederci!!

p.s. pic credits from a friend who is a very talented photographer.