Today my child was told she would go to hell by not believing in Jesus…:child cannot process it well…at her age it is extremely difficult..

We were raised in an educated Hindu believing household where going and praying even in church,gurudwara and for that matter other places was not frowned upon.As a kid we were raised by saying God is one but every religion calls him by different name but we should respect all religions…

It’s so sad times have changed…I would study in a convent high school and almost each day would run and pray quietly in church..didn’t think I was doing anything out of ordinary as I truly believe our creator is one….

I still have a roseary both of Hinduism which has 108 beads and a Christian rosary with Christ on my bedside table….I am strong believer that humanity is most important and religion is very private but it does not make me feel other religions are any less….

Peace be upon world and let us enrich the world with love and brotherhood and not hatred.


Well it’s so true till life just goes on as planned we don’t really have to think or pay attention to the daily life activities as our bodies automatically are able to complete the tasks.Mark you I am talking about the basic tasks of life like being able to safely get out of bed, be able to walk ,use stairs and be independent with all the activities of daily living.We are young and vibrant and why should we think and thank for such things,it does not occur to us how valuable these basic things are.until with a bolt of lightning in a fraction of second you lose all of it.

Even though you know it’s temporary but it leaves a lifelong impact on one.Makes one more humble and thankful for all the little things which we often take for granted.

Now as the time passes have to gain strength mentally and physically to be able to return to prior level and I am sure in this vast ocean of life thousands of people probably have to face much harder challenges…Remember to be thankful and more humble and please have empathy for all…

Waiting for my spring…..


Sometimes friends in real world go years without talking probably due to some misunderstandings.But sooner than later they do eventually talk.

Well it’s true they missed some years but when they meet the divine intense feelings of mutual friendship seem to erupt instantly and they realize that nothing has changed.They were little fools and maybe young and little careless.But with age comes maturity and the yearning to hang out people of the same background and with whom some history is shared in past so they understand each other better…One such friend I met today and it got my mind reeling into childhood….Oh how I thank God we crossed paths again and this time to stay connected for good…


Yes sometimes when I am feeling too low I just laugh….and laugh loud…even if I am just by myself….hoping it will do wonders since it’s supposed to be the best medicine…

Life gets so serious and if we keep ourselves low it becomes like a whirlpool that will suck us in and trust me I have been there …it literally does that.

So what do I do and how in the most adverse situation do I pep up myself….yes first I cry …maybe for hours and then I have to console myself and believe in myself that I will be fine if I can control my emotions…that’s the first step….self realization…honestly…then I laugh and try to remember my blessings and maybe some good moments of my life…though if I can count them they are far less in number than the sad ones….but who’s counting…here we have to get ourselves in the positive frame of mind and then try to focus on how you can improvise with in the current situation so that you can make most of it and come out as more stronger……rest in next…

Till then keep laughing….since it’s the best medicine


Do you think one should just give up in the worst adversity of life…though one believes in easy escapism and just running away from life….it would be so easier…yes,indeed if you are a coward….but when you know your strength and know that you are capable of turning mountains you stay grounded and look for best options and not just for yourself but in the best interest of your kids whom you love more than anything in this world…..

Unknown partner

Though u date and marry …do we really ever know the person entirely….I think they are capable of pretending too good to be true and provide false promises which look very satisfactory at that moment and as crazy as it seems we believe them…life goes on and all the promises kept by him are like the sand in hand and slowly dispersing….time and tide wait for none and we have to pull strings tight and think of ways not to lose our sanity…,hope seems to be fading and looks like all was a facade and seems to make me like a fool