Today my child was told she would go to hell by not believing in Jesus…:child cannot process it well…at her age it is extremely difficult..

We were raised in an educated Hindu believing household where going and praying even in church,gurudwara and for that matter other places was not frowned upon.As a kid we were raised by saying God is one but every religion calls him by different name but we should respect all religions…

It’s so sad times have changed…I would study in a convent high school and almost each day would run and pray quietly in church..didn’t think I was doing anything out of ordinary as I truly believe our creator is one….

I still have a roseary both of Hinduism which has 108 beads and a Christian rosary with Christ on my bedside table….I am strong believer that humanity is most important and religion is very private but it does not make me feel other religions are any less….

Peace be upon world and let us enrich the world with love and brotherhood and not hatred.

One thought on “Ignorance

  1. Very true and well written. It resonated with me at so many levels. It is a challenge raising a child in a world where on one hand we embrace all differences, are very well aware and connected, and on the other hand are as ignorant, intolerant and biased.


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