Well it’s so true till life just goes on as planned we don’t really have to think or pay attention to the daily life activities as our bodies automatically are able to complete the tasks.Mark you I am talking about the basic tasks of life like being able to safely get out of bed, be able to walk ,use stairs and be independent with all the activities of daily living.We are young and vibrant and why should we think and thank for such things,it does not occur to us how valuable these basic things are.until with a bolt of lightning in a fraction of second you lose all of it.

Even though you know it’s temporary but it leaves a lifelong impact on one.Makes one more humble and thankful for all the little things which we often take for granted.

Now as the time passes have to gain strength mentally and physically to be able to return to prior level and I am sure in this vast ocean of life thousands of people probably have to face much harder challenges…Remember to be thankful and more humble and please have empathy for all…

Waiting for my spring…..

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