Yes sometimes when I am feeling too low I just laugh….and laugh loud…even if I am just by myself….hoping it will do wonders since it’s supposed to be the best medicine…

Life gets so serious and if we keep ourselves low it becomes like a whirlpool that will suck us in and trust me I have been there …it literally does that.

So what do I do and how in the most adverse situation do I pep up myself….yes first I cry …maybe for hours and then I have to console myself and believe in myself that I will be fine if I can control my emotions…that’s the first step….self realization…honestly…then I laugh and try to remember my blessings and maybe some good moments of my life…though if I can count them they are far less in number than the sad ones….but who’s counting…here we have to get ourselves in the positive frame of mind and then try to focus on how you can improvise with in the current situation so that you can make most of it and come out as more stronger……rest in next…

Till then keep laughing….since it’s the best medicine

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